The Sinking of the SIEV X: A Case Study for Secondary Schools

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This site outlines the work of a committee who developed a Case Study for Australian Secondary Schools on the 2001 Sinking of the Indonesian fishing vessel the SIEV X and subsequent 353 deaths.

The committee takes no position in terms of the questions investigated in this study, particularly those relating to responsibility, nor do these materials imply a predetermined answer on the issue of whether or not the sinking and subsequent loss of life was preventable.

We hope this study offers a valuable contribution to the development of one of Australia's greatest assets - the minds of its youth.

This site offers further information about the Case Study and a chance to review its contents. You may also read the speeches given by the Committee Chair at the National and NSW launches.

Latest Updates

19 October, 2011 - Press release: Questions remain, 10 years after sinking. 

4 December, 2006 - 2nd edition launched. Over 350 copies sold!